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Worth Reading

Car dealers are charging buyers more because that’s capitalism, baby | Vox

“At the end of the day, it’s saying, ‘Look, if you don’t buy this, the guy right behind you or the gal three people behind you is going to, and they’re going to pay me $1,000, $2,000 more than you’re willing to, so I have to go with them.’ It’s one of the first times in history where the dealer has so much demand that they can actually do that,”

How ‘washed up…old man’ Warren Buffett is getting the last laugh | MarketWatch

It’s almost two years since the Berkshire Hathaway chairman, then 89, was publicly mocked by 40-something self-proclaimed stock market “captain” and “winner,” Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy.

Tired of waiting for driverless vehicles? Head to a farm | AP News

For years Americans have been told autonomous technology was improving and that driverless vehicles were just around the corner.

Finally, they’re here, but to catch a glimpse of them, you’ll need to go to a farm rather than look along city streets.

Signed, Sealed, Snatched | Bloomberg

A Georgia State professor and his students are tracking a thriving underground market for stolen checks.

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