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Worth Reading

The Rich and the Wealthy | Morgan Housel

Cornelius Vanderbilt left his heirs the inflation-adjusted equivalent of something like $300 billion. Within 50 years it was gone.

China’s demographic time-bomb is ticking faster | The Spectator

The latest warning was stark – that China’s population will shrink this year, more than a decade faster than forecast, and the country will become a ‘super-aged’ society by 2035. The economic implications will be a ‘huge thing’.

Travel Tips From the Man Who’s Visited Every Country on Earth—and Space | Bloomberg

Pack a sheet, leave the wedding ring at home, and skip the street food.

Asset Allocation Drives Returns | Novel Investor

The goal of investing is to pick an asset allocation, within your risk tolerance, that should get you close to your future goals. Then leave it alone. Let the allocation do all the work.

But that’s not what happens.

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