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Worth Reading

Why a small candy company is Warren Buffett’s ‘dream’ investment | the HUSTLE

With ~$500m in annual revenue, See’s Candy represents less than 0.1% of Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings. Yet, Buffett has called the 100-year-old chocolate chain his “prototype of a dream business.”

Passwordless sign-in on all major platforms | The Verge

A passwordless login process will let users choose their phones as the main authentication device for apps, websites, and other digital services, as Google detailed in a blog post. Unlocking the phone with whatever is set as the default action — entering a PIN, drawing a pattern, or using fingerprint unlock — will then be enough to sign into web services without the need to ever enter a password, made possible through the use of a unique cryptographic token called a passkey that is shared between the phone and the website.

Sheep Are the Solar Industry’s Lawn Mowers of Choice | WSJ (subscription required)

Sheep, the surprise workhorse of renewable energy, are generating several million dollars in annual revenue tidying up solar farms nationwide.

Oops, Minnesota Accidentally Legalized THC-Spiked Seltzer | Vice

“It’s like it’s the Wild West,” said Dan Wellendorf, co-owner and head of marketing at Minneapolis’ Modist Brewing, one of at least eight breweries that have released THC-infused seltzers in the two months since THC was legalized. “We can sell as much as we want to whoever we want.”

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